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Names Mike Phillips As New Chief Strategy Officer

Calumet Bank is proud to announce that Mike Phillips has joined its leadership team in the role of Chief Strategy Officer. In this newly created position, Mike will work with Calumet’s management team to accelerate the design and execution of the bank’s strategic growth and efficiency goals. Through this position, he will also offer direct support to the finance, accounting, human resources and risk management teams. “I am honored to have this opportunity to be a part of the team at Calumet Ban

The Survey Says…It’s Time to Close The Gap - Retail TouchPoints

What is the cost of not knowing? Some retailers estimate that indirect spend cuts into 10% to 15% of their sales revenue. And it doesn’t take much to throw off your accuracy, either: everything from a simple spreadsheet error to new acquisitions, store closings and openings takes its toll on your data. That’s why now is the time to close the gap between what you think you know and what you absolutely need to know about your stores. It has been said that success in retail boils down to execution

YourTown Health Dentist To Lead Georgia Oral Health Council

YourTown Health is both proud and a bit sad to announce that Adam Barefoot, DMD, MPH, is leaving us after six years to become the Oral Health Director for the state of Georgia. In his capacity as a dentist at YTH, Dr. Barefoot helped hundreds of people in our community to realize healthier smiles. He also assisted in the development of policies that helped our dental staff deliver better oral health services. As a member of the National Network of Oral Health Access, Dr. Barefoot collaborated wi